You must go to Dr. Halpern! I visited Dr. Halpern a few weeks ago and he is amazing! I had never had anything done before and was quite trepidatious. His approach was informative, calming, and confidence-boosting. His staff is warm, experienced, and friendly and I cannot wait for my next visit. Since my visit, friends have commented on how “well-rested” I look and I feel so much more attractive than I have in a very long time. Thanks so much Dr. Halpern!!!!!!!


Words cannot express our gratitude for you! We wish that our father had sought your care sooner. We will not forget you and all that you did. Thank you so very much.

-Patient’s Family

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I am very pleased with my cosmetic surgery. You achieved just what I wanted.


Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Your skills, knowledge and remarkable hands restored my leg. I thank God that you are here in Tampa, so remarkable, so learned, and so prepared! Your remarkable skill, cutting edge knowledge and terrific hands saved my leg. I am forever grateful!


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Words cannot describe the gratitude I have. My experience has been, without a doubt, superb! The care I have received from beginning to end has been remarkable. Thank you so much for all you have done!


Thank you for your efforts. Your professionalism and medical expertise are appreciated.


Dr. Halpern Tampa Testmionial 6 (Custom)

Many thanks to you, you have given me more confidence in myself! Thank you so much!


Dr. Halpern, you are a wonderful person and I appreciate all you did for me. I am especially thankful for your understanding and graciousness.


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I am so pleased with the results of my surgery. The difference in how I look and feel about myself is like night and day. Thank you so much!


You are an outstanding doctor and person.


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My Dear Friend St. David,

You may wonder why I call you St. David, well since 2001 when I had my first stroke I have seen more than 100 doctors in West Palm Beach and here in Brandon and the greater Tampa Bay area.

Yes you may have great training, you are very-very smart and a lot of practice but the miracles you perform especially with those who lose their hands and fingers that you give them their life back…

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-Dion-Mario Dorizas

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To the office of Dr. David E. Halpern,

On May 13 of this year, I injured my hand. Messed it up pretty good… Dr. Halpern swooped in and fixed me up. Saved major functionality! Thx again doc!

This is just where the story begins. Yes, David is a great doctor, absolutely! I want to give a big Christmas shout to his team! His office and staff!

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Easy going doc that has been patient with me for several years. Even took care of my neighbor quickly. Wouldn’t go to any other plastics doc.
-Tonya M.

I love David Halpern he took care of my mom and treated us like we were family.
-Ronnie F.


I have a son who has third degree burns and amputee of all the fingers on his right hand. I came to Dr. Halpern for maximum movement with my son’s hands and have been impressed with the things he has done for my child. We feel like family when we go to the office.

– Jackie M.

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