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We would sincerely appreciate if you took the time to leave us an online review detailing your positive experience with Dr. David Halpern and his staff. It would mean the world to us!

Reviews are incredibly important for businesses in any industry, as consumers turn to the internet to share their experiences at restaurants, retailers, and even health service providers. In fact, a 2014 study cited by Fox Business News found that 90% of consumers are influenced by positive online reviews.

Furthermore, recent changes in Google’s search engine have placed an even greater emphasis on what people are writing at popular review sites, so any business owner looking for online exposure simply MUST have a solid collection of testimonials on these platforms! 

Where & How To Review Your Experience With Dr. David Halpern

There are literally hundreds of sites that accept reviews for our business, but here are the four most popular and easily accessible sites:


How to leave us a review on Google

Leave us a review on Google!

Do you have a Google account like Gmail or Google+?

The neat thing about Google Reviews is that they show up in Google Local results when people are searching for plastic surgeons in Tampa FL.

Here’s how you can leave us a Google Review:


  1. Make sure you are signed into your Google account. If you don’t have one, create it here.
  1. Click this link.
  1. Click the “Write a Review” button in the Review Summary Section. Here is what that looks like:

    Dr. David Halpern Reviews Google


  1. Voila, you're done. Thanks so much!


 How to leave us a review on Yelp

Leave us a review on Yelp!

Are you a Yelper?

Yelp is known as one of the most popular places to find great restaurants and food trends, but they offer reviews on many other industries as well.

We’d appreciate your help in building up our brand new page:

  1. Log into your Yelp account from your mobile device or the Internet.
  1. Type in “Dr. David Halpern” in the search bar, with the location “Tampa” selected.

OR visit the link directly here.

  1. Click the “Write a Review” button. The screen will look like this
    Tampa Plastic Surgery Dr. David Halpern Yelp reviews
  2. It’s that simple! Thanks!



 How to leave us a review on RealSelf

Do you like scanning the RealSelf forums?

This site is one of the largest cosmetic surgery communities online with more than 36 million unique visitors per year. In addition to reviews, they also include photos and doctor Q&As that patients find valuable in their search for surgeons and information.


Here’s how to leave your review:

1. Visit:

2. Click the "Add Your Review" button. Here’s what this step looks like


Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery RealSelf Reviews

3. Fill out the review form.

Then you are done! Thank you so much!


 How to leave us a review on HealthGrades

Leave us a review on Healthgrades!

Healthgrades: Nearly 1 million people rely on the research and reviews at Healthgrades’ website.

They aim to help people find the right health care professional by including information on patient satisfaction and facility quality.

To leave us a review follow these steps:

  1. Visit our Healthgrades page by clicking this link.

2. Click the "Take a Survey" button. The page will look like this:

3. Answer the questions on the form.


Dr. David Halpern Healthgrades review
  1. Now everyone can hear about your experience! Thank you!

Do You Love Writing Reviews?

As this infographic clearly shows, people love writing online reviews! Most of their reviews are POSITIVE in nature and aim to help others make more informed decisions. Since people rely on review sites themselves, they see this as a way of “giving back” to the free communities. Consumers believe in rewarding great businesses with positive feedback, too.

You can leave reviews on multiple sites, wherever you feel comfortable. We read all reviews on these sites and greatly appreciate hearing about what you feel made your experience so pleasant. Dr. David Halpern derives satisfaction from seeing the wonderful transformations that take place in his office, but he also enjoys hearing how the results have improved the lives of his patients once they walk out the door. Thank you for your time and effort!

So if you’ve got the “review bug,” here are a few other search engines, directories, and social sharing sites that accept consumer reviews (hover your mouse over the "ReviewBiz" for a drop-down menu):