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Safely restoring your body's natural proportion

Breast reduction surgery, commonly referred to as reduction mammoplasty, is one of many surgical procedures offered by Tampa’s Triple-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Halpern Reduction mammoplasty minimizes exceptionally large breasts to a proportionate size, custom-fit for your body. The procedure removes excessive skin around the breasts, glandular tissue, and breast fat, leading to a healthier body, self-image and increased self-confidence.

When should I consider breast reduction surgery?

Tens of thousands of women throughout the U.S. undergo breast reduction surgery annually with pleasing results. If you experience frequent shoulder, neck or back pain or poor posture due to the heavy weight of large breasts, breast reduction surgery should be considered. Excess breast tissue weight puts unnatural strain on the neck, upper back and shoulders and worsens with the aging process.

If you experience overall body discomfort due to extreme breast size or suffer from an inability to participate in or restrictions on exercise and physical activity due to breast size and weight, breast reduction surgery can make the difference in your level of activity and confidence.

Other breast reduction surgery candidates include women whose breasts are heavy and pendulous, resulting in nipples and areolas pointing downward, have one breast noticeably larger than the other, or have unsightly indentations on the shoulders from tight bra straps. Many of our patients experience chronic skin irritations and fungal infections underneath their breasts as a result of the high Florida heat and find mammoplasty effective.

Breast reduction surgery improves well-being and boosts confidence

Dr. David Halpern is a Triple- Board Certified Tampa plastic surgeon and your Tampa breast reduction specialist if you are contemplating reduction mammoplasty. You will find that breast reduction surgery is often the answer to improving your overall well-being and boosting your confidence. Dr. David Halpern will help you achieve your desired breast size, whether with mammoplasty or breast augmentation and breast implants. Dr. David Halpern provides a personalized approach to your beauty needs and exceptional patient care, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Trust us for beautiful results

If you have questions regarding breast reduction, breast augmentation or any other cosmetic surgery procedure, contact our office at 813.871.5000 or online to schedule a personal beauty consultation with Dr. David Halpern.

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