Fat transfer is a procedure that removes fat from areas of the body with excess fat, such as belly or outer thighs, and injects it into areas in the face or body that lack fullness. The procedure is well-tolerated because it is the body’s own tissue and produces natural, long-lasting results.

The fat can be used in conjunction with a facelift to give sunken or creased areas of the face a fuller, youthful look. Fat transfer gives a more permanent solution than other temporary filler treatments. During this procedure, Dr. David Halpern will remove abdominal fat to inject into the lips, cheeks, or other facial areas. To learn more about facial procedures, visit the facelift procedure page.

Dr. David Halpern can also utilize the fat transfer procedure to remove fat from areas of the body and transfer it to the breasts, buttocks, or other areas that could benefit from a fuller look. This is performed in conjunction with liposuction. To learn more about Dr. David Halpern’s liposuction offerings, click here.

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