Accidents can happen at any time, and a severe hand or finger injury needs immediate and highly qualified care. Dr. David Halpern is board certified in micro-hand surgery and has been part of the regular Hand Call Team at Tampa General Hospital for the past 15 years.

Dr. David Halpern is an board certified hand surgeon who earned the prestigious CAQ (Certificate of Added Qualification) in hand surgery after his general and plastic surgery training. His one year Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at the world renowned Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital from 1995-1996 gives him a unique set of skills to solve many complex reconstructive hand problems.

During his career, Dr. David Halpern has re-attached severed hands and completed hundreds of replant surgeries. He also works on complex issues such as severe open tibial fractures with exposed bone and hardware, along with limb salvage procedures in aggressive cancer cases. Along with teams of specialists, he has saved numerous limbs and lives—allowing many individuals to have much more normal appearances and functionality. 

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