Hair removal is easy with professional waxing services and is available for both women and men in a comfortable setting. The licensed aestheticians at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, Inc. are experienced in offering a variety of waxing solutions.

Body Waxing

Services are available for underarms, arms, and legs with our professional aestheticians. Get the smooth skin you're after with a quick visit to our office!

Beach Waxing

Professional bikini or Brazilian waxing services are available with licensed aestheticians on staff for all your waxing needs. You’ll find the perfect fit for your busy schedule.

Male Waxing

Men seek body hair removal for a variety of reasons. Regardless of your reasons, our professional aestheticians can help you get a smooth back or chest.

Facial Waxing

Unwanted facial hair can be worrisome and home removal systems ineffective. Come see our licensed aestheticians for lip, brow, chin, and full face waxing at your convenience. We can give you a baby-smooth face with a simple office visit.

Contact the office today to schedule your next waxing appointment. You won’t be disappointed with our professional, knowledgeable aestheticians or your results!

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