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How Strawberry Laser Works

The Strawberry Laser uses 60 tiny lasers to pass through the skin to melt fat tissue underneath. Now in a liquefied state, the fat is reabsorbed back into the body and expelled like other waste. After a series of 20-minute treatments, generally 8-10 depending on the patient, individuals experience real, measurable results.

The Strawberry Laser helps patients reshape their bodies by eliminating even the most stubborn fat cells. But not everyone needs the comprehensive and involved process of a full liposuction procedure. For patients looking for a simple alternative, Dr. David Halpern is proud to offer the Strawberry Laser, a safe, affordable, non-invasive option.

Men and women looking to remove unwanted fat from arms, thighs, abdomen are prime candidates for this safe, time-saving procedure. The Strawberry Laser is perfect for eliminating unsightly cellulite and muffin tops. For patients who have recently lost weight, but need help eliminating that last bit of diet and exercise-resistant fat, the Strawberry Laser is the answer!



What to Expect


Step 1 - One of our professional and experienced staff members will take a series of starting measurements, then have you relax on the table prior to starting the treatment.

Step 2 - The Strawberry Laser paddles will be placed for about 10 minutes on each treatment area and moved as necessary to complete the treatment session.

Step 3 - Another set of measurements will be taken to show results of the session and the overall treatments.

Step 4 - You’ll spend about 10 more minutes on the Whole Body Vibration Unit to help flush the liquified fat out of your system.

Benefits of Strawberry Laser

20 Minute Treatment

Getting the body you desire already takes time—exercising, proper rest, and diet add to your busy schedule. Strawberry Laser sessions last only 20 minutes and have you back to your normal activities right away, with no downtime or recuperation. Save time while still achieving your goals with the low time commitment of Strawberry Laser treatment!

FDA Approved

The national Food and Drug Administration have approved the Strawberry Laser for use in the United States. Its unique laser system is safe and effective, giving you the results you want.


Other body contouring procedures like liposuction are effective, but take a lot of time for surgery and recuperation. With the Strawberry Laser, sessions are fast, efficient, and don’t require anesthesia or recovery time. You can get noticeable results with the Strawberry Laser’s unique, non-invasive system.

Strawberry Laser Results

The results patients see with Strawberry Laser are unlike any other non-invasive procedure. Along with proper exercise and diet, a course of Strawberry Laser treatments can give individuals the body results they are looking for.

Depending on their body type, areas to be treated, and overall goals, Dr. David Halpern and his staff will recommend the appropriate number of sessions. Generally, a course of 8 - 10 treatments will yield the desired results. The cumulative sessions and appropriate lifestyle gives noticeable and impressive outcomes.

The images below are results from actual Strawberry Laser patients provided by Lila Body, the parent company for Strawberry Laser.

Most patients see a noticeable difference after just one session with the Strawberry Laser!

*There is no guarantee of specific results and individual results can vary.

The Strawberry and Dr. David Halpern in the Media

Dr. David Halpern appeared on the The Doctors to give an exclusive look at the process, treatment, and results from the Strawberry Laser treatment. He gave The Doctors and their audience the opportunity to see first hand the non-surgical, painless laser procedure that reduces fat cell size.
Taking the Strawberry Laser onto another nation-wide show, Dr. David Halpern treated a viewer with one session. Rachael and her audience were able to see how the cutting-edge technology of the Strawberry Laser give effective results in just one treatment!
NY Times article Dr. Halpern Tampa
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The New York Times covered Dr. David Halpern’s appearance on The Rachael Ray show along with more information about the growing market for non-invasive body contouring procedures. Read more about the growing popularity of the Strawberry Laser in the article.


*Disclaimer: The Strawberry Laser product is owned by Lila Enterprises, LLC. Dr. David Halpern and Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, Inc. are in no way claiming ownership of the Strawberry Laser.*